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Global PV Market Demand Blooms Everywhere

Global PV Market Demand Blooms Everywhere

  • Aug 05, 2019

In 2018, the global installed capacity of photovoltaics is about 104GW, which is basically the same as 2017. At the same time that the scale of the Chinese market in the world's largest PV market has begun to shrink, the demand for overseas emerging markets has blossomed everywhere.

In the US market, the newly installed capacity in 2012 was 11.36 GW, and the total installed capacity was 64.66.GW. The newly installed capacity and total installed capacity were the second in the world. "Overall, due to the risk of policy uncertainty, the installed capacity may have an impact, but due to the state's planned support, the cost competitiveness advantage is gradually clear, and the long-term installed capacity will continue to grow steadily," Zhang Sen said.

The EU market is a traditional PV application market. According to the statistics of the European Solar Photovoltaic Association, the EU installed 8GW in 2018, a year-on-year increase of 36%. Zhang Sen believes that the new installed capacity of the EU market will show a growth trend in the next five years, and the market scale is above 10GW.

According to Bloomberg statistics, in 2018, Japan added 6.7 GW of new installed capacity, with a total installed capacity of 44.5 GW. There is a market space of nearly 50 GW from the target of 2030, and the annual installed capacity is about 4 GW. Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) will significantly reduce the subsidy for on-grid tariffs for large-scale PV projects (not connected to the grid) approved from 2012 to 2014. The subsidy will be extended to September 2019, which is expected to bring a new domestic market in 2019. Wheel grabs.

India is in a period of rapid development. According to Bloomberg New Energy Finance and Statistics, in 2011, India's PV installed capacity was 11GW, up 22.2% year-on-year. It is expected to add 12GW in 2019, and the growth momentum will continue. India has replaced Japan as the world's third largest market. In the future, the installed capacity will reach 15GW in the next 2020, surpassing the US to become the world's second largest market. India approved the second phase of the 40 GW grid-connected solar project in 2022 and the 25.8 GW agricultural solar project in 2022, which is expected to provide Rs. 18 billion (US$1.656 billion) and Rs. 344 billion (US$4.44 billion) respectively. The subsidies are used to support household solar and agricultural solar projects. According to statistics, as of the end of 2018, the installed capacity of rooftop solar projects in India is 3.8GW, which is less than 10% of the installed target in 2022. The future application market is huge. Some agencies predict that India is expected to achieve the goal of cumulative installed capacity of 100GW ahead of 2020.

According to the data of Jibang New Energy, the installed capacity of photovoltaics in Australia was 3.78GW in 2018, which became the fifth largest market in the world, with a year-on-year increase of 222%. Among them, the installed capacity of public utilities has exploded, reaching 2.08GW; the installed capacity of household photovoltaics is 1.2272GW, an increase of 42.8% over 2017.

At present, there are 180 countries that have set PV policy targets in emerging markets. In terms of scale, there are 24 countries and regions with an installed capacity of more than 1GW, more than 150 countries and regions with a scale of more than 10MW, and in recent years, with the installation of photovoltaic systems. The cost has dropped rapidly. More and more countries and regions have the conditions to develop photovoltaic power generation. Emerging markets will be the main driving force for new global installed capacity, and their global share will be more and more noticeable, mainly in the Middle East and Africa. , Central and South America and Southeast Asia.

"The outbreak of Southeast Asia since the second half of 2018 has benefited from the policy of the Vietnamese market. The follow-up will continue to wait and see; the Middle East and Africa are the settlements of mega projects, and their project reserve capacity and relatively weak financial financing environment In terms of enterprises, opportunities are also challenges.” Zhang Sen said that Central and South America has the strongest development momentum in Mexico, Brazil and Argentina. With the superior land area, good lighting environment and government subsidies or investment promotion, the region has been promoted. The rapid development of the internal photovoltaic market. At the same time, Chile and other regions are also considered potential markets and are expected to be high.

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