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  • Merry Christmas Every One!-- 2020 Christmas & New Year activity
    Merry Christmas Every One!-- 2020 Christmas & New Year activity
    • Jan 01, 2021

    Jingle bell, jingle bell, The annual Christmas comes again! Because of the epidemic, The sales department of Fastensolar decide to give up visiting the dream world with ice and snow, but arrived at the artificial castle instead, and firmly promised we will be in the real ice and snow world next time. The four-day activity is made by varieties of tabletop games, a wonderful journey in the amusement park, casual talks in the hot spring, needless to say about delicacies. cold weather was melted by happiness, the pressure and anxiety of the whole year were melted at the same time. In the coming 2021, we will hope and effort to move on. Insist on Fasten solar's good service, profession, and high quality to bring more possibility to our dear partners and clients, to devote our love and sincerity into the clean energy. Fastensolar- Your Solar Partner!

  • As countries reopen, solar market recovery begins
    As countries reopen, solar market recovery begins
    • Aug 12, 2020

    As the Covid-19 pandemic gradually eases, countries around the world have slowly begun to relax lockdown measures. Some countries have also launched varying types of economic stimulus to support the solar sector. In contrast to others, the Chinese market is stable, as the country has had some success in controlling the virus.   With demand turning out better than anticipated in the second quarter and the spread of Covid-19 slowing in some overseas markets, PV InfoLink has raised its forecast for annual global module demand to 121.1 GW.   Countries across the globe have launched solar stimulus packages in the wake of Covid-19, as part of wider moves to restart their economies. Shipments to the traditional leading European markets such as Spain and Germany have remained stable, sitting at 410 MW and 383 MW, respectively. Other marketplaces including the United States, the Middle East, and Australia, are also showing signs of recovery. They are likely to return to normality in the second half.   The situation in Latin America is quite the opposite. The region’s politics and economy took a heavy blow amid virus outbreak and oil price crash. Demand weakened in April, with total module shipment volumes from China to Brazil, Mexico, and Chile having dropped nearly 75% compared to March. India’s further extension of lockdown has also hindered its demand recovery. Compared to March, China’s exports of modules to the country slumped by 65% in April. The situations in these marketplaces, however, did not change the fact that overall demand in Q2 fared better than initially expected.   It is expected that markets will be totally reopened in July. As overseas markets start picking up during the second to early third quarter, demand will turn better at the end of September and reach the peak of the year in the final quarter.   With the pandemic being gradually contained in many countries, global demand is likely to grow each quarter in the second half. However, as demand from quite a few projects have been deferred by the pandemic to the first half of 2021, the recovery will remain slow at the beginning of the third quarter and begin to climb, with demand reaching the highest level of the year in the fourth quarter of the year. The impacts of Covid-19 on the global solar sector may yet continue into 2021. Despite being hammered by the virus crisis, the world’s progress toward a low-carbon and sustainable future remains unchanged. Solar power, which has seen significant reductions in upfront cost and LCOE in recent years, will continue to lead the way in the long term.   Fastensol is one of China's leading suppliers of solar mounting systems has won the trust and good trade reputation of many foreign customers with its high quality products, excellent R&D design capability and high standard pre-sales and after-sales service.

  • Global oil companies race to get involved in renewable energy
    Global oil companies race to get involved in renewable energy
    • Aug 05, 2020

    A few days ago, an industry research organization IHS Markit released a new survey study that shows that in the past 10 years, the number of renewable energy projects invested and constructed in the oil and gas industry has been increasing every year. In 2000, the oil and gas industry invested in less than 15 renewable energy projects throughout the year. This year, the number of renewable energy projects in the oil and gas industry is expected to exceed 45, an increase of 200%. IHS Markit believes that at this stage, under the background of increasing pressure on climate and environmental protection, global oil and gas companies are facing the test of transformation. “In order to reduce carbon emissions, oil and gas companies have begun to get involved in the renewable energy business. Among them, many companies choose to install photovoltaic power generation facilities on the roofs of their factories and use zero-carbon green electricity, thereby greatly reducing the carbon emissions generated by factory operations.” The survey shows that photovoltaic power generation, hydropower and wind power projects are the renewable energy projects with the largest number of investment and construction in the oil and gas industry. In 2018 and 2019 alone, the oil and gas industry invested in 13 and 15 renewable energy projects respectively. It is estimated that after these 28 projects are successfully completed and put into operation, they will contribute to the reduction of about 3 million tons of carbon dioxide emissions each year. In February of this year, the International Energy Agency (IEA) pointed out in its "Oil and Gas Industry in Energy Transition" report that although traditional energy businesses such as oil and gas can bring substantial returns to oil and gas companies in the short term, if the reduction is ignored Discharge may threaten the social acceptability and long-term profitability of these oil and gas giants. IEA believes that the participation of the oil and gas industry in investing in renewable energy projects is crucial. On the one hand, the oil and gas industry is still the cornerstone of today's energy system. In the next 20 years, oil and gas will remain one of the world's main energy sources, and this part of the demand needs to be guaranteed. On the other hand, the oil and gas industry emits relatively large amounts of greenhouse gases, and reducing their emissions is a key step to obtain environmental benefits. Therefore, in the face of emission reduction requirements, oil and gas companies should further "out of the comfort zone" and actively expand their renewable energy business. IEA predicts that in the future, the oil and gas industry will further expand its investment in the renewable energy market. So far, oil and gas companies have invested less than 1% of total capital expenditures outside of their core businesses. In order to promote continuous progress in the global response to climate change, investment in low-car...

  • Fasten Solar cares your health also
    Fasten Solar cares your health also
    • Jul 31, 2020

    Be one of the employees in Fastensol, we all finished the annual physical examination one by one throughout the whole July under the arrangement of logistic department. As we all know that,Fastensol not only cares for our working performance, but also our health, thus the routine physical examination always on the year schedule. The project includes some regular items and special items, like something related with cancer. Throughout the such activity, every one of us can well understand our health conditions so as to find out the potential illness. On the other hand, all of us will raise the awareness and keep healthy life habits.

  • Who will reject a barbecue?——Fasten Solar team building activity in 2020
    Who will reject a barbecue?——Fasten Solar team building activity in 2020
    • May 26, 2020

    Congratulations to us-after being stay indoors and wearing masks for months, we are free to go outdoors with no masks. After voting by the whole staff, we decided to have a barbecue in a farmhouse with flowers, lakes, and peacocks. Cannot believe this is our first time to prepare and bake the food, with no experience, we still made it and had a funny day, not bad. Join us and enjoy the and sunshine! Xiamen Fasten Solar Technology Co.,Ltd. is a professional solar mounting systems solutions supplier in China,including roof mounts,ground mounts,carport mounts and other solar accessories.

  • Fasten Solar New Year Travel
    Fasten Solar New Year Travel
    • Jan 06, 2020

    On 31st December 2019, Fasten solar overseas department got together to begin their travelling. Travelling is Fasten solar year by year traditional, during which each of us not only enjoy the holidays but also experienced lots of new things with group member. This time, we flied to Sichuan Province also in China, and the whole trip last for 6 days. We have learned Zang minority of China style life by eating their hot pot; we viewed the local beautiful scenery and magic Jiuzhaigou after earthquake; we also made close contact with our lovely national treasure—panda. With this travel to open the New Year, Fasten solar wishes all of group members relax themselves in life and devoted to work in new year. Fasten solar all members wish you happy New Year.

  •  To Be Your Santa - Fasten Solar Christmas Party
    To Be Your Santa - Fasten Solar Christmas Party
    • Dec 25, 2019

    “Jingle bells! Jingle bells!Jingle all the way!” Accompanied by this familiar Christmas song, Fasten solar overseas departments get together with joy to celebrate the Christmas. We spent a nice day. At the beginning, our colleague already decorated the room with balloons and delicious food. The cakes in green Christmas and red Santa really made us impressed. During which, we thanks the support from all clients during past year, and made a wish for the New Year. Everyone got the packed apple stands for peace and safety in China after the party, that is the special Chinese Christmas. On behalf of Fasten solar, here I may the Christmas brings joy and peace to every one of you, and wish you all the best in the next year! Merry Christmas! Fastensol- Your Solar Partner!!!

  • The Holiday Time of  Xiamen Fasten Solar
    The Holiday Time of Xiamen Fasten Solar
    • Dec 24, 2019

    With the advent of Christmas, 2019 is coming to an end, and the new year 2020 is coming soon. Xiamen Fasten Solar sincerely thanks our customers for their strong support and cooperation in the past year. In the new year, Fastensol will work harder to provide you with high-quality products and the best service! According to the provisions of the Chinese New Year holiday and the specific conditions of Xiamen Fasten Solar, the New Year and the Spring Festival schedule as follows: Staff Welfare: Xiamen Fasten Solar will arrange a company group tourism during the New Year, starting from December 31, 2019, to January 5, 2020. Normal work starts on January 6. Spring Festival Holiday time: 14 days during the Spring Festival, from January 18, 2020, to January 31, 2020, and work normally on February 1. Finally, Xiamen Fasten Solar wishes all lovely friends: Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year 2020! Fastensol- Your Solar Partner!!!!

  • Fasten Solar Explore Solar Industry in Southeast Asia
    Fasten Solar Explore Solar Industry in Southeast Asia
    • Oct 10, 2019

    With the mature of solar technology and the improvement of power generation efficiency, the time has come for Southeast Asian countries to develop the solar industry. Fasten solar keep the step with world solar industry, actively attending the solar exhibition around Southeast Asia from last month. The visiting team includes some leaders and team members, who all know well about the local market. They brought Fastensol brochures, samples and little gifts to meet some clients and hope to express our brands to others. Successfully, the trips received a good response and our members reach most of the targets. Before that, Fasten Solar has made lots of works to research the local industries, hoping to earn our mounting structures good reputation. After the trip, we will reintegrate our resource and maintain relationship with our clients. We believe that our solar mounted racks will help clients to expand their business and win good reputation.

  • Review FastenSolar at the PV Expo Osaka,Japan 2019
    Review FastenSolar at the PV Expo Osaka,Japan 2019
    • Sep 27, 2019

    From 25 to 27 September 2019, Fastensolar brought a variety of Aluminum solar mounting system, Fences and related solar accessories to participate in PV EXPO OSAKA, JAPAN 2019, which attracted the attention of the Japan market. PV Expo Osaka is the best place to carry out face-to-face business meetings with key industry leaders, seek detailed and rapid solutions to problems, effective compare the latest technologies from around the world, and find products and technologies to solve research and production issues. Every year, Fasten Solar take part in Japan Solar Show since 2014, has been providing Solar mounting structure, Solar Fences and Solar related products to Japan for more than 10MW. The office of Fasten Solar in Japan is always to provide more timely and effective localization services for our clients. The feedback from our customers are very satisfactory, no matter from our high quality products, but also easy installation, just click-in to save labor cost.

  • Xiamen Fasten Solar Technology Co., Ltd Mid-Autumn Festival Activity was a complete success
    Xiamen Fasten Solar Technology Co., Ltd Mid-Autumn Festival Activity was a complete success
    • Sep 12, 2019

    In order to activate the company team atmosphere, enhance communication between employees, and celebrate the successful achievement of employees, under the leadership of General Manager of Fastensol, the leaders of all department of the company worked closely together, and an exciting event was held on the afternoon of September 11.  In the evening, in the Seafood City, an unforgettable and deep corporate dinner was held to complete the Mid-Autumn Festival event. In order to do a good job in this activity, the company's financial manager, personnel colleagues and colleagues from other departments assisted in preparing the shopping card, bonus, and beverage at the dinner party in advance, and arrived at the scene in advance. Everyone has a clear division of labor. During the event, not only did they get laughter and laughter, but they also filled with a strong corporate culture. Some colleagues got the luck of the night and harvested rich prizes and expensive prizes. The activities reached a moment of enthusiasm. Very excited. The organization of the Mid-Autumn Festival activities not only let the employees relax but also gained joy and generous prizes. What is more important is to enhance the feelings between the employees and increase the cohesiveness of the company. The happy mood can bring high efficiency. Work, relaxation of mind and body, let everyone forget the tension of the usual work, relax and participate in the work of the new week with enthusiasm and fullness, let us work together to create a beautiful blueprint for the future of Xiamen Fasten Solar! P.S: Xiamen Fasten Solar will have holiday from Sep. 13- Sep 15th , Wish everybody has a happy Mid-Autumn Festival.

  • Fasten Solar- Popular Solar Structure’s 2nd Day in Green Expo
    Fasten Solar- Popular Solar Structure’s 2nd Day in Green Expo
    • Sep 04, 2019

    The Green Expo was grandly opened from 3rd-5th September at the International Trade Center in Mexico. As a leading business event, displaying the most innovative solutions, brands, products and sustainable technologies, providing a rich networking opportunity for many businesses in the solar field. As one of the manufacturer, Fasten solar show in the expo and received a good response out of warm hospitality and good quality. Products Series: Solar Pile Ground Mounting System, Solar Ground Screw Structures, Roof System Bracket, HDG Steel Ground Mounting Rack Benefits of our Solar Mounting system: Easy installation, time saving, cost effective, only few tools and components required, design and service targeted The EXPO are stilling going. Fasten Solar sincerely welcome all the visitors from all over the world!

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