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Fasten Group Limited

Phone: 0086-592-5685361

Xiamen Fasten Solar Technology Co.,Ltd

Add: No.16 Xiangxing 3rd Road, Free Trade Zone, Xiamen,China.

Phone: 0086-592-5665910



Xiamen Fast Power

Add:  Jinyuan Road, Jimei District, Xiamen, China.

Phone: 0086-592-5663901

Hainan One Technology

Add: No. 52 Baopo Road Jiyang District, Sanya, Hainan,China.

Phone: 0086-898-88706468

Longyan XinZhenjin Energy

Add: A11 Shifang Industrial Zone, Wuping County, Longyuan, Fujian,China.

Phone: 0086-597-8733303

Fasten Solar Japan Branches

Add: 370-0074 Takasaki 26-6 Takasaki 301

Phone: 080-3576-0226

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