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  • Do you know the Ground-Mount Solar System
    • August 21, 2019

    As the name suggests, a ground-mount solar system is a kind of photovoltaic mounting system where the solar panels are fixed on the ground, instead of the typical surfaces like roofs and building facades. In a lot of cases, ground-mounted solar systems are commonly large, utility-scale PV stations, and they consist of solar modules that are held in place by racks of frames that are attached to the...

  • The most Universal Solar Fences - Ground pile
    • August 05, 2019

    FastenSolar just provided Solar Mounting Fences for about 250kW on ground commercial applications in Japan. Nowadays, making full use of the existing free space, building a solar power station has become the consensus of many companies. Fastensolar has provided accumulated 2.5GW solar racking solution since 2012, including solar fence, roof mount, flat roof mount racking, ground mounting system, c...

  • Waterproof Solar Carport Mounting System – Japan 10KW Project
    • August 02, 2019

    Fasten Solar is Aluminum Solar Racking System supplier over 7 years experience, we have own R&D department to develop new aluminum solar brackets to help customer save the cost. Like this waterproof solar carport, we use the new design (normally is N shape or W shape).This new type can park the car more easily, save almost 1/5 installation time, our Japanese customer are given highly praised. ...

  • 200KW Roof Mounting System in Thailand –Residential Rooftop PV Tilt Triangle System
    • July 31, 2019

    Fasten Solar devote in offering most economical solution to help customer save the cost. This project using the common use Fixed Tilt Triangle System. The Triangle Tilt Mounting System includes everything you need to mount your solar panels on open ground or on your flat concrete roof. With either adjustable or fixed triangular supporting frames, solar panels can be installed at the optimal angle ...

  • Fastensolar provides solar racking for well-known company in America
    • July 09, 2019

    Fatensolar has provided a 2MW roof mounting solution for a well-known company in America. This project has high demands on both design and construction, the customized solution has been optimized many times, and the installation is now going smoothly, which fully reflects Fastensolar's experience edge in dealing with complex projects. The solar mounting solution provided by Fastensolar has been co...

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