Do you know the Ground-Mount Solar System

  • 2019-08-21 16:21:02

As the name suggests, a ground-mount solar system is a kind of photovoltaic mounting system where the solar panels are fixed on the ground, instead of the typical surfaces like roofs and building facades. In a lot of cases, ground-mounted solar systems are commonly large, utility-scale PV stations, and they consist of solar modules that are held in place by racks of frames that are attached to the ground-based mounting supports.

Ground solar panels can be installed anywhere you have open space on your property. Find out how much ground space you'll need for your solar panels here. You can use either a standard ground mount, which fixes the panels in one place or a pole mount, which puts them higher off the ground.

For ground-mounted systems, Fastensol has a number of different options, such as GS WIND(for roofs & grounds), S-TERRAIN (concrete or screw foundation),F-TERRAIN ( concrete or screw foundation),F-AL PILE (pile foundation),etc.

The main raw materials for all of these systems are high-quality aluminum alloys that are highly resistant to corrosion. The main raw materials for all of these systems are high-quality aluminum alloys with high corrosion resistance. These ground mounting systems are all market-proven, easy to install, saves time and cost, and design beautifully.

Fastensol is focused on R&D. Every year, new design products and upgrades to the system have met the ever-changing high standards of the market.

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