Fastensolar provides solar racking for well-known company in America

  • 2019-07-09 14:50:59

Fatensolar has provided a 2MW roof mounting solution for a well-known company in America. This project has high demands on both design and construction, the customized solution has been optimized many times, and the installation is now going smoothly, which fully reflects Fastensolar's experience edge in dealing with complex projects.

The solar mounting solution provided by Fastensolar has been continually praised in America. The flexibility and precision of the solution are extremely high. However, thanks to the expertise of complex projects for 8 years, Fastensolar can offer the best and efficient solar mounting solutions for customers by considering different scenarios and multi-dimensional factors comprehensively.

Fastensolar has significantly accelerated its global deployment. It has attened world wise shows in Japan,America,Philippines, South and East Asian area, MENA Regions,etc. In the future,Fatensolar will further strengthen its marketing and service team building in emerging countries in America and  Asia-Pacific region to provide customers with high-quality solar racking solutions and deepen the brand awareness and influence overseas.

Fastensolar will continue to output convenient and reliable, innovative and efficient solar mounting solutions, with excellent product quality and comprehensive services to ensure the benefits of PV station systems, and continue to create value for the clients.

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