The most Universal Ground Mounting Structure -Ground screw

  • 2020-06-02 15:57:16

FastenSolar just provided Solar Ground Screw solution for about 1177KW on open field in Japan.

Nowadays, making full use of the existing idle space, building a solar power station has become the consensus of many companies. Fastensolar has provided accumulated 2.5GW solar racking solution since 2012, including roof mount, flat roof mount racking, ground screw mounting system, carport, farmland, etc.

This project is using our most common use Galvanized steel ground screw. Firstly install grounds screw into land by Ground screw machine, secondly connect base with ground screw by hex bolts, thirdly insert the struts into the base and adjust struts to meet same height, then is to fix our girders,mounting rail, finally fasten our solar modules on rail by mid clamp and end clamp. It is a simple and easy to use solution for open field installation site. The project looks very nice from the outside.

Ground mounting brackets

FastenSolar has a wide range of mounting options for all types of Ground mounting brackets, including Ground screw, concrete base, Ground Piles, etc. Made with aluminum 6005-T5 and more than 8 years experience, Fasten Solar has become one of the most reliable solar racking providers in China.

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