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  • 2019-10-18 17:20:06

Fixed brackets account for a relatively small portion of system cost and were once considered the lowest-tech products in photovoltaic systems.

After years of development, the price of components and inverters has been declining, and the price of fixed brackets has been “stable and rising”. Under the current situation of cheap Internet expansion and fierce competition in bidding projects, the selection of products for fixed brackets is more important.

The fixed bracket can be subdivided into aluminum alloy, hot-dip galvanized, magnesium-plated aluminum-zinc and other products, among which the aluminum alloy bracket has the highest price, the hot-dip galvanizing price is middle, and the price of magnesium-plated aluminum-zinc can be. According to the actual situation, the products selected by different countries are also different. Aluminum alloy products are lighter in weight and are more favored in areas with higher labor costs such as Japan and Australia. Hot-dip galvanized stents are relatively heavy, generally labor intensive, and are more widely used in areas where labor costs are reduced. The magnesium-plated aluminum-zinc is not easy to corrode, the weather resistance is better, the price is more favorable, and the product will be selected in the early expenditure cost.

Although the market share of tracking brackets is expanding, fixed brackets are still the mainstream from a global perspective, and many established markets with relatively mature market still prefer fixed brackets.

Fixed brackets seem to have low technical content, but to ensure the quality of the products also requires the company to work hard. In addition to the material, the quality of the bracket is closely related to the design. The stent strength test of Xiamen Fasten Solar is certified by Japan.

fixed brackets

In addition to the traditional distributed and ground power station application scenarios, the rise of floating photovoltaic power plants has opened up new application scenarios for fixed brackets. According to the research report of relevant institutions, the total installed capacity of floating photovoltaic power generation completed so far has exceeded 1.3GW. China, Japan, and South Korea are major countries in the construction of floating photovoltaic power plants. In addition, India, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, France and other regions are also actively building, with broad market prospects. It is understood that for the floating power station project, Xiamen Fasten Solar can provide a series of integrated equipment including components and brackets.

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