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  • How should solar mounting bracket suppliers act to the trend of larger PV module sizes?
    • April 18, 2022

    Since Trina Solar released the Vertex series in 2020, PV panel manufacturers have begun to accelerate their entry into the track of large-scale panels. Compared with the previous panels, the size of the current panels is larger and heavier, so higher requirements are also placed on the photovoltaic brackets, and various bracket manufacturers also need to make timely response strategies. So how can...

  • The most Universal Rooftop Ground Mounting Structure - Concrete base
    • May 09, 2022

    FastenSolar just provided Solar Concrete base Carport system Solution for 154KW on rooftop flat floor in Maldives. Nowadays, making full use of the existing idle space, building a solar power station has become the consensus of many companies. Fastensolar has provided accumulated 2.5GW solar racking solution since 2012, including roof mount, flat roof mount racking, ground screw mounting system, c...

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