Color steel tile installation

  • 2019-10-31 09:53:19

With the rapid decline of photovoltaic power generation cost and the rapid spread of distributed photovoltaics, photovoltaic installation on the roof of general industrial and commercial buildings has entered the user side parity, and can bring rich investment returns to the owners. Common industrial and commercial roofs except for cement roofs, more plant roofs are laid with color steel tiles.

Color steel tiles

Color steel tile roof generally refers to the newly laid roof of thin steel plate which is formed by cold or cold rolling. Color steel tile is coated with an organic coating such as PVDF material, and thus colored into a color steel plate, or galvanized steel sheet, anti-corrosive steel sheet or other thin steel sheet

The photovoltaic module is installed on the roof of the color steel tile, usually the roof bracket system with the buckle fixture is used as the connecting piece, the clip fixture bracket is fixed on the edge of the color steel tile, and the photovoltaic component is fixed on the buckle fixture.

The color steel tile roofing system is designed for color steel roof distributed power stations. It is made of aluminum alloy and is light in weight, which can reduce the load on the roof. Due to the variety of color steel tiles on the market, there are mainly color steel, tile-type, trapezoidal, trapezoidal and other color steel tile type, in order not to damage the original building waterproof, and effectively combined with the original roof, different colors The steel tile is designed with specific fixtures for the most stable installation.

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